SCALE 148 is a UK outline modelling group interested in developing and working to finer standards to 2.06mm to one foot or 1:148th scale. Formed in 2011 we are a small but busy group modelling and researching the almost daily improving world of UK fine/small scale modelling. We have concluded a range of track standards using only the latest small flanged wheels in 9mm (N) these being 9c (9mm Coarse), 9i (9mm intermediate) and 9f (9mm fine) each requires an increasing degree of skill accuracy and reworking of RTR and kit built N Gauge products; gaining with each level better looking and more accurate track work. For those modellers willing to undertake the ultimate workload we have our truer scale standard at 9.7mm (P148), where the prospects for excellent looking and highly accurate and smooth running railways abound. S148 is about far more than track however and we are as keen to see and achieve more accurate and higher levels of finish in all aspects of 148th scale modelling. In essence S148 is where the 0.06mm of difference from the popularly misquoted reference to 148th scale modelling as ‘2mm’ against its true dimension of 2.06mm really does make a difference. We produce an occasional members only magazine with information and discussion on finer modelling to 2.06mm/ft. Subscription to SCALE 148 is simple and open to all persons provided they work within the guidelines and comply with the rules.

Information about the group – 2013

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